Pensamiento crítico desde cuestiones sociocientíficas

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Editora da Universidade Federal da Bahia
This document explains the development of critical thinking from addressing the socio-scientific issues. First, it justifies critical thinking as a skill set and explains the importance of resorting to other fields of study such as philosophy, critical pedagogy and didactics of science. In the final part of the chapter we present some challenges in promoting critical thinking from the use of CSC, according to the results of an intervention program with socio-scientific issues to develop critical thinking skills in students of teacher training.
Bibliographic reference
TORRES, N., and SOLBES, J. Pensamiento crítico desde cuestiones socio-científicas. In: CONRADO, D.M., and NUNES-NETO, N. Questões sociocientíficas: fundamentos, propostas de ensino e perspectivas para ações sociopolíticas [online]. Salvador: EDUFBA, 2018, pp. 59-76. ISBN 978-85-232-2017-4.