Educación para la Ciudadanía desde una Propuesta de Iniciativa Emprendedora en Formación Profesional

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Assume that the education is a medium for favor in the students the understanding and transformation of its reality personal and social, means that any activity educational made in it school or out of she not can, stay in a simple transmission of information but has of suck to be a process comprehensive that East to them young in the frame of a society democratic , divergent and plural. This communication presents the experience carried out in the context of the schools of craftsmen of Valencia in the formative cycle of average degree of "Automatic and electrical installations", subject of enterprise and entrepreneurship. We have a group of students lacking in study habits, academic delay by repetition of some courses at the stage of compulsory secondary education, with a self-concept under, and therefore at risk of abandonment before the end of the first quarter. Our plan of action in the classroom is to motivate, address and to respond to each pupil, encouraging participation and making attractive class so they are meaning to what they do and understand so that they do so. We try so to organize learning situations focused on students from the dialogue, participation, and collaboration
Asumimos la complejidad de la práctica educativa y optamos por un planteamiento de escuela inclusiva que permite ofertar una educación de calidad para todo el alumnado independientemente de sus circunstancias sociales, culturales, de género, físicas o cognitivas. Entendemos que la inclusión va más allá de la escuela porque necesitamos formar ciudadanos competentes y comprometidos con los valores de la diversidad, la justicia, la cooperación, la igualdad de derechos y de oportunidades.
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Fabregat Pitarch, Antonio; Gallardo Fernández, Isabel María (2016). Educación para la Ciudadanía desde una Propuesta de Iniciativa Emprendedora en Formación Profesional. Paz e ciudadania global : Simposio Internacional de Educación y Pedagogía. Valladolid: REDIPE