Phenomenology of dark matter from A(4) flavor symmetry

We investigate a model in which Dark Matter is stabilized by means of a Z(2) parity that results from the same non-abelian discrete flavor symmetry which accounts for the observed patter of neutrino mixing. In our A(4) example the standard model is extended by three extra Higgs doublets and the Z(2) parity emerges as a remnant of the spontaneous breaking of A(4) after electroweak symmetry breaking. We perform an analysis of the parameter space of the model consistent with electroweak precision tests, collider searches and perturbativity. We determine the regions compatible with the observed relic dark matter density and we present prospects for detection in direct as well as indirect Dark Matter search experiments.
Bibliographic reference
Boucenna, Mohamed Sofiane Hirsch, Martin Morisi, S. Peinado Rodríguez, Eduardo Taoso, Marco Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2011 Phenomenology of dark matter from A(4) flavor symmetry Journal of High Energy Physics 2011 5 037