Comparative evaluation of bioactive cements on biomimetic remineralization of dentin

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This study was designed to quantitatively compare the presence of apatite peaks on demineralized dentin to induced bio-mimetically by bioactive commercial materials. Dentin slice specimens (n=6) were prepared and demineralized by by17% EDTA for 2 hours. Each disks materials (Theracal, Biodentine, CPP-ACP) were freshly prepared and was maintained in close contact with a demineralized dentin specimen immersed in PBS solution during one week. To evaluation of bioactivity, cements disks (n=6) were prepared from each material and immersed in PBS solution for one week. The bioactivity and remineralization ability was evaluated using FTIR spectroscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy. The Ca/P ratio of the surface of dentin and cements disks were compared with one -way ANOVA, independent T test and Duncan test (?=0.05). Ca/P weight ratio of Biodentine (187.5) was significantly higher than Theracal (10.10) and Theracal higher than CPP-ACP (0.37) (P=0.008). Demineralized dentin in contact with Test materials, indicated Ca and P peak after 7 days, but not showed statistically differences between the groups (P=0.08). The outcome revealed that bioactive cements and CPP-ACP had bioactivity capability during one week. Biodentine had higher bioactivity between others. Demineralized dentin could be remineralized with bioactive materials.
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Daneshpoor, Nazanin ; Pishevar, Leila. Comparative evaluation of bioactive cements on biomimetic remineralization of dentin. En: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, 12 3 2020: 291-299