Archivos feministas y LGTBIQA+ como herramientas pedagógicas en la especialidad de Servicios Socioculturales y a la Comunidad

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This research addresses the pedagogical possibilities of the feminist and LGTBIQA+ archives in the context of the educational cycles of the speciality of Sociocultural and Community Services. The theoretical review presents a brief description of the legal frame, as well as the state of the question regarding the feminist and LGTBIQA+ archives that have emerged in the Spanish State during the last decade. The revised information pivots around concepts like inclusion, equal opportunities, sexual diversity, gender diversity, family diversity, coeducation, intersectionality and transversality. It analyses, likewise, the concept of archive as a pedagogical tool and the adequacy of the proposal to the curriculum of the professional family. Regarding the methodology employed, we performed (i) a documentary analysis, including the analysis of the suitability of the archive’s funds, and (ii) an analysis of the needs of teachers and students in these educational cycles. With that objective two surveys have been carried out ad hoc, and the results confirm the interest in these issues by both communities. Finally, an innovative proposal of intervention has been developed based on the diffusion of the documentary heritage of the feminist and LGTBIQA+ archives around four spaces: internet, the archive center, the educational centers, and the public space. It provides many bibliographic resources such as documentaries and contributing activities as examples for the design of the educational intervention in these training cycles.
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