Normalizar el comportamiento de los alumnos a través del yoga en Francia

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Yogic practices have been very successful in France and in most industrialized countries for the last thirty years, as part of a more general movement towards the psychologization of social relations and the development of self-improvement practices. In this article, we analyze how these practices are mobilized by teachers in a double and a priori contradictory objective: to maintain, at the collective level, the discipline and the normalization of behaviors necessary within the framework of teaching situations informed by the school form of socialization on the one hand; to respect, at the individual level, the objective of forming autonomous and responsible students in congruence with the dominant liberal norms. The analyses, conducted on the basis of interviews with teachers deploying such practices, lead to several programmatic proposals for the analysis of yoga teaching in the French context.
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Arxius de sociologia, ISSN 1137-7038, Nº. 46, 2022 (Ejemplar dedicado a: 25 Aniversario Arxius. Práctica físico-deportiva de las personas LGTBI+), págs. 93-103