Diseño de un programa de rehabilitación cardiopulmonar y análisis de su impacto sobre las capacidades funcionales en población infantil

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This document includes the doctoral thesis carried out by Francisco José Ferrer Sargues, within the framework of the doctoral program in Physiotherapy, code 3165, of the University of Valencia, R.D. 99/2011. The written memory is accepted by the modality by compendium of publications. The articles that make up the document have been published during the years of the doctoral program and are included within the same line of research. The present study aims to continue the path taken more than 60 years ago in the field of cardiac rehabilitation, delving into the characteristics of controlled and monitored exercise programs, and investigating the possibilities it can offer as a therapeutic weapon for the adult and pediatric population with cardiovascular diseases. Through this doctoral thesis, a cardiac rehabilitation program has been designed that combines aerobic training with strength-resistance training of respiratory and peripheral muscles. This intervention has been applied to the pediatric patient with pediatric congenital heart disease, and the effects of the program on the functional capacities of this child population have been analyzed.
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