Familias monomarentales posconyugales: estampas de méxico indígena y popular

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The main purpose of this paper is to show some qualitative findings obtained in two exploratory studies concerning the single mother families resulting from divorce or separation in Mexican indigenous and popular sectors. Both studies have used a socio-anthropological approach to explore the effects of marital breakdown on dynamics of the resulting single parent households and the kind of relationships their members, mothers and children, hold with their former spouse and father who doesn’t share the house with them anymore, as well as with his kin. In the examined universes we find that fathers tend to avoid payment of their children’s maintenance as well as the exercise of their other parental roles. In general, we find that father’s interaction and relationship with his children and the former spouse weakens or even ends, as well as the one between them and father’s kin
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Mindek, Dubravka ; Peña Ríos, Karla Jazmín. Familias monomarentales posconyugales: estampas de méxico indígena y popular. En: Arxius de Ciències Socials, 2016, No. 34: 109