Monochromatic neutrino beams

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In the last few years spectacular results have been achieved with the demonstration of non vanishing neutrino masses and flavour mixing. The ultimate goal is the understanding of the origin of these properties from new physics. In this road, the last unknown mixing [U-e3] must be determined. If it is proved to be non-zero, the possibility is open for Charge Conjugation-Parity (CP) violation in the lepton sector. This will require precision experiments with a very intense neutrino source. Here a novel method to create a monochromatic neutrino beam, an old dream for neutrino physics, is proposed based on the recent discovery of nuclei that decay fast through electron capture. Such nuclei will generate a monochromatic directional neutrino beam when decaying at high energy in a storage ring with long straight sections. We also show that the capacity of such a facility to discover new physics is impressive, so that fine tuning of the boosted neutrino energy allows precision measurements of the oscillation parameters even for a [U-e3] mixing as small as 1 degree. We can thus open a window to the discovery of CP violation in neutrino oscillations.
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Bernabeu Alberola, José; Burguet Castell, Jordi; Espinoza, Catalina; Lindroos, Mats (2005) Monochromatic neutrino beams Journal of High Energy Physics 2005 12 1 8