Analytical parameters and vital signs in patients subjected to dental extraction

Dental consultation may provoke stress to the patient, especially when a dental surgery is going to be performed, stressful situations can cause a reaction in the sympathetic nervous system that could lead to cardiovascular alterations. Blood pressure and cardiac frequency are used often as an indirect measurement and this parameters combined can serve as good indicators of stress. Objective: Analyze the changes in vital signs and analytical parameters induced by a dental extraction. 24 healthy patients who required a simple dental extraction underwent to a blood test and motorization of their pre- and post-extraction vital signs before, at 2 and 48 hours after the procedure. Data analysis was performed by means of repeated measures one way ANOVA followed by multiple comparisons Bonferroni’s Post-hoc test. The evaluated patients were 13 women and 11 men with an average age of 35.1. Thirteen patients (54.17% of the sample) were smokers and five were regular drinkers (20.8%). No significant differences were observed in the vital signs with the exception of diastolic blood pressure and cardiac rate that were slightly lower after extraction. Only two analytical parameters showed statistical significant changes. Total bilirubin was significantly higher at 48 hours after extraction and leukocyte count was significantly lower at this time. In any case, the magnitude of the changes observed was very low. The analytical parameters and the vital signs did not show any relevant change. Eventual alterations found after simple tooth extraction should not be attributed to the procedure.
Bibliographic reference
Jané Pallí, Enric ; Arranz-Obispo, Carlos ; González Navarro, Beatriz ; Murat, Jesús ; Ayuso Montero, Raúl ; Rojas, Santiago ; Santamaría, Amparo ; Jane Salas, Enric ; López López, José. Analytical parameters and vital signs in patients subjected to dental extraction. En: Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. 2017. Vol. 9, no. 2: 223