La educación formal colombiana analizada desde los valores de una ética cívica

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At present, Colombia can be defined as s Welfare State. However, it is in an historical situation which puts it in a low moral frame. The only way to overcome this situation is through education, but education conceived in its more comprehensive sense. Its legislation demands it, but its Postponed Modernity does not grant for that kind of education to take place. This is the reason why the Colombian education system needs an analysis from a Modern philosophical perspective, as the civic ethics or “ethic of minima” by Adela Cortina. The guiding question was: ¿Does the Colombian formal education system offers the necessary and adequate conditions to implement an education towards autonomy? This question gave rise to following hypothesis: Although operating under a Modern legal conception, Colombia does not have the adequate conditions to implement an education towards autonomy. To carry out the analysis, the body of the work was divided in three chapters: the first one gives an account of Colombian history from a moral-ethical perspective (The Colombian educational reality in context). The second chapter proposes, from a pedagogical perspective, the possibility of reaching an education for autonomy (Education for autonomy under a pedagogical analysis). The third chapter suggests the strengthening of the elements needed for a civic ethics (Analysis of the Colombian culture and educational legislation from the “civic ethics of minima” perspective). Such a strengthening is given by analysing the Colombian culture and educational legislation, aiming at elaborating a proposal that allows the development of the civic ethics values, under pedagogical postulates and respecting the current legal framework and culture. This academic exercise took to multiple conclusions, both general and particular, which offer the possibility of establishing which are the adequate conditions needed to implement an education for autonomy.
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