Movimientos sociales y conflictos territoriales: El caso de Barcelona y Valencia

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The aim of this paper is to analyze the evolution of social movements through the study of urban conflicts involving urban, land-use and regional plans and projects in both cities in the last decade (2002-2012). During the decade, we witness a deep transformation in the types of conflicts that emerge in these cities: from the reactive and isolated NIMBY-like campaigns to broader protest movements like the 15 movement in the 2010s. These new movements participate actively in land-use or locational conflicts, but they go far beyond targeting specific plans. They criticize not only the specific plans themselves, but use such criticism to launch into a broader critique of how the city is ruled and for whom.
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Romero Renau, Luis del. Movimientos sociales y conflictos territoriales : El caso de Barcelona y Valencia. En: Cuadernos de geografía, 94 2014: 17-35