Replicating consumer value scales: a comparative study of EVS and PERVAL at a cultural heritage site

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PERVAL (PERceived VALue) scale has been frequently replicated and adapted in tourism to measure consumer value; however, EVS (Experiential Value Scale) better reflects the experiential nature of tourism consumption. Focusing on a famous cultural heritage site in France (Chambord castle), this research compares PERVAL and EVS by replicating them as concisely as possible. The results of a quantitative survey of 402 visitors show the similarities and dissimilarities between these two scales regarding their psychometric properties, predictive ability, practicality, and actionability. In contrast to a literature review (favoring PERVAL scale for tourism), this research underlines the complementary nature of these two scales and advises researchers to choose a scale in keeping with their focus, because while PERVAL offers a broader view of consumer value, EVS offers a close-up of the experiential aspects.
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Martina G. Gallarza, Laurent Maubisson, Arnaud Rivière, Replicating consumer value scales: A comparative study of EVS and PERVAL at a cultural heritage site, Journal of Business Research, Volume 126, 2021, Pages 614-623, ISSN 0148-2963.