Melcior Miralles: Crònica i dietari del capellà d'Alfons el Magnànim

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This chronicle and diary, which is both, has been considered one of the most interesting of the 15th century in Valencia. The golden age of literature was not, however, a period that produced historiographical works of great importance in the Crown of Aragon, unlike what had happened in the previous century. In this context, it becomes even more relevant, since it is a general chronicle of the kings of Aragon and, with special intentionality, of the monarchs of the Trastámara dynasty in the 15th century, but at the same time it is also a diary of the city of Valencia. The author, an ecclesiastical writer, focuses on the reigns of Alfonso the Magnanimous and John II, and provides an abundant source of information, often colourful and surprising, on the daily life of the city of Valencia at one of the most brilliant moments in its history.
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Rodrigo Lizondo, Mateu (ed.). (2011). Melcior Miralles: Crònica i dietari del capellà d'Alfons el Magnànim. Fonts Històriques Valencianes, 47. Publicacions de la Universitat de València