Desmuntant mites biològics a l'aula de ciències. Un recopilatori dels 70 més freqüents

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Are daisies flowers? Do we only have 5 senses? Can human beings be divided into races? Can cold weather or being chilled cause a cold? Is the Amazon rainforest the lung of the planet? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Do we humans only use 10% of our cerebral capacity? All of these ideas belong to the collective mindset of our society. Ideas that either originate from hypotheses that are correct but are poorly applied, or are totally fake. Thus, despite the excessive amounts of information that is available nowadays, the lack of informational education and diffusion of all kinds of informational disorders create a breeding ground that is ideal for the transmission and reapplication for misinformation. The aim of this book is not only to compilate and dismantle 70 biological myths using up-to-date scientific information but also contribute with activities that can be used in class (mainly for secondary school levels), compilate complementary resources to keep an inquiring mindset towards the same and assist with tools to develop a critic perspective with the information that we come across. That way, we want to promote the scientific alphabetization of the population taking interdisciplinarity, gender perspective, respect for diversity, healthcare promotion and sustainability and care for the environment as its axis.
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Gómez Escrivá, Daniel (coord.) (2023). Desmuntant mites biològics a l'aula de ciències. Un recopilatori dels 70 més freqüents. Universitat de València