Estructura informativa, oralidad y escritura en español y alemán

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This volume aims to analyse aspects related to the construction of discourse, with special attention to the representation of the informative functions of the utterance in German and in Spanish. and the processes of textual production, both in spoken and written language. The book is structured in three blocks. The first is devoted to the informative functions themselves and their expression in German and Spanish. The most characteristic mechanisms of topical functions and their expression in German and Spanish are presented, as well as an experimental study of the intra-oral connection. The second part of the book focuses on specific aspects of orality. It brings together two contributions on issues related to real speech and two more on its recreation in real speech (the so-called "fictional orality"). The third one deals with the study of the construction of discourse in written language. On the one hand, two papers in this section analyse questions related to interpersonal and textual metadiscourse and their impact on the organisation of text in different professional genres. On the other hand, the chapter that closes the volume proposes a study of discourse content based on the analysis of the textual actions of which it is composed.
Aquest volum es publica gràcies a una subvenció concedida per la Conselleria d’Innovació, Universitats i Ciència de la Generalitat Valenciana per l’organització i difusió de congresos, jornades i reunions científiques, teconològiques, humanístiques i artístiques de caràcter internacional, en la seua convocatòria de 2020.
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Robles, F. i Bertomeu-Pi, P. (2021). Estructura informativa, oralidad y escritura en español y alemán. Anejos de la Revista Quaderns de Filologia, 86. Universitat de València.