Multiculturality and education

Multiculturality and education

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Multiculturality and education

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Oltra-Albiach, Miquel A.
This document is a artículoDate2012

Education in diversity, based on the Universal Declarations of the Human Rights, gains a bigger importance because the context of globalization stresses homogeneous trends and also individual reactions in the face of this phenomenon. The richness of the diversity and the possibility of communication among the human beings are, without doubt, essential contents in educative curriculum. They are not isolated actions directed to concrete social groups: it is a global project to understand and assume the difference among people as a part of the identities and as a positive value in all societies.

    Oltra-Albiach, Miquel A. 2012 Multiculturality and education Sociálno-Ekonimická revue 10 4 70 76

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