Radiative corrections for the decay Σ° → Λe+e−

Radiative corrections for the decay Σ° → Λe+e−

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Radiative corrections for the decay Σ° → Λe+e−

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Husek, Tomas; Leupold, Stefan
This document is a artículoDate2020

Electromagnetic form factors serve to explore the intrinsic structure of nucleons and their strangeness partners. With electron scattering at low energies the electromagnetic moments and radii of nucleons can be deduced. The corresponding experiments for hyperons are limited because of the unstable nature of the hyperons. Only for one process this turns to an advantage: the decay of the neutral Sigma hyperon to a Lambda hyperon and a real or virtual photon. Due to limited phase space the effects caused by the Sigma-to-Lambda transition form factors compete with the QED radiative corrections for the decay Σ^0→Λe+e−. These QED corrections are addressed in the present work, evaluated beyond the soft-photon approximation, i.e., over the whole range of the Dalitz plot and with no restrictions on the energy of the radiative photon.

    Husek, Tomas Leupold, Stefan 2020 Radiative corrections for the decay Σ° → Λe+e− European Physical Journal C 80 3 218

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