¿Sabemos todo sobre las caídas de altura?

¿Sabemos todo sobre las caídas de altura?

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¿Sabemos todo sobre las caídas de altura?

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Breglia, Gustavo Alberto; Herbstein, Jorge A.; Uzal, Marcelo H.
This document is a artículoDate2019

With regard to a case, a review is made on the relevant aspects to consider in the falls of height in the forensic field. An open fracture of the femur is described, with no evidence of skin trauma that explains its mechanism, in an individual who dies after a fall of 9 meters in height. Through a brief foundation supported by the laws of physics, an explanation of the mechanism of the fracture is outlined.

    Breglia, Gustavo Alberto ; Herbstein, Jorge A. ; Uzal, Marcelo H.. ¿Sabemos todo sobre las caídas de altura? . En: Gaceta internacional de ciencias forenses, 31 2019: 38-45

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