3D Integral Microscopy based in far-field detection

3D Integral Microscopy based in far-field detection

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3D Integral Microscopy based in far-field detection

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Scrofani, G.; Sola Pikabea, Jorge; Llavador Ancheta, Ana Isabel; Sánchez Ortiga, Emilio; Barreiro Hervás, Juan Carlos; García Sucerquia, Jorge Iván; Incardona, Nicolò; Martínez Corral, Manuel Perfil
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Lately, Integral-Imaging systems have shown very promising capabilities of capturing the 3D structure of microscopic and macroscopic scenes. The aim of this work is to provide an optimal design for 3D-integral microscopy with extended depth of eld and enhanced lateral resolution. By placing an array of microlenses at the aperture stop of the objective, this setup provides a set of orthographic views of the 3D sample. Adopting well known integral imaging reconstruction algorithms it can be shown that the depth of eld as well as spatial resolution are improved with respect to conventional integral microscopy imaging. Our claims are supported on theoretical basis and experimental images of a resolution test target, and biological samples.

    Scrofani, G. Sola Pikabea, Jorge LLavador Ancheta, Ana Isabel Sánchez Ortiga, Emilio Barreiro Hervás, Juan Carlos García Sucerquia, Jorge Iván Incardona, Nicolò Martinez Corral, Manuel 2018 3D Integral Microscopy based in far-field detection Proceedings of the SPIE 10666 0Z

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