Texture advection on discontinuous flows

Texture advection on discontinuous flows

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Texture advection on discontinuous flows

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Rodriguez Cerro, Angel; García-Fernández, Ignacio; Martínez Durá, Rafael J.; Pla i Castells, Marta
This document is a artículoDate2015

Texture advection techniques, which transport textures using a velocity field, are used to visualize the dynamics of a flow on a triangle mesh. Some flow phenomena lead to velocity fields with discontinuities that cause the deformation of the texture which is not properly controlled by these techniques. We propose a method to detect and visualize discontinuities on a flow, keeping consistent texture advection at both sides of the discontinuity. The method handles the possibility that the discontinuity travels across the domain of the flow with arbitrary velocity, estimating its speed with least-squares approximation. The technique is tested with different sample scenarios and with two avalanche scenes, showing that it can run at interactive rates.
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