Can new generations explain neutrino masses?

Can new generations explain neutrino masses?

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Can new generations explain neutrino masses?

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Herrero García, Juan Andrés; Rius Dionis, Nuria; Aparici Benages, Alberto; Santamaria, Arcadi
This document is a Comunicación/PonenciaDate2011
In this talk we explore the possibility that the smallness of the observed neutrino masses is naturally understood in a modified version of the standard model with N extra generations of fermions and N right-handed neutrinos, in which light neutrino masses are generated at two loops. We find that with N = 1 it is not possible to fit the observed spectrum of masses and mixings while with N = 2 it is. Within this extension, we analyse the parameters which are allowed and the possible phenomenological signals of the model in future experiments. Contribution to the proceedings of Les Rencontres de Moriond EW 2011, Young Scientist Forum.
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