Tau neutrinos from muon storage rings

Tau neutrinos from muon storage rings

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Tau neutrinos from muon storage rings

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Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra Perfil; Scheck, Florian
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Charged tau leptons emerging in a long baseline experiment with a muon storage ring and a far-away detector will positively establish neutrino oscillations. We study the conversion of v(mu) ((v) over bar(mu)) and of (v) over bar (v(e)) to v(tau) or (v) over bar(tau) for neutrinos from st 20 GeV muon storage ring, within the strong mixing scheme and on the basis of the squared mass differences which are compatible with all reported neutrino anomalies, including the LSND data. In contrast to other solutions which ignore the Los Alamos anomaly, we find charged tau production rates which should be measurable in a realistic set up. As a consequence, determining the complete mass spectrum of neutrinos as well as all three mixing angles seems within reach. Matter effects are discussed thoroughly but are found to be small in this situation.

    Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra Scheck, Florian 2000 Tau neutrinos from muon storage rings Physics Letters B 485 1-3 171 177

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