Mass of tau neutrino in SO(10) GUTs

Mass of tau neutrino in SO(10) GUTs

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Mass of tau neutrino in SO(10) GUTs

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Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra Perfil; Raidal, Martti
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We investigate the allowed ranges of masses for an unstable tau neutrino in the context of SO(10) GUTs. In light of the new nucleosynthesis results we obtain that there is a narrow window for m(nu tau) where the LEP, neutrino oscillation and nucleosynthesis data are compatible. This window, which depends on the effective number of neutrinos contributing to nucleosynthesis, has important cosmological consequences and will be tested by ongoing neutrino oscillation and LEP II experiments.

    Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra Raidal, Martti 1997 Mass of tau neutrino in SO(10) GUTs Physics Letters B 406 3 219 224

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