New Literacy for Reading Using ICT

New Literacy for Reading Using ICT

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New Literacy for Reading Using ICT

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Roig Vila, Rosabel; Mengual Andrés, Santiago Perfil
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This article will analyse the key strategies in the relationship between reading and writing in the area of ICT and the resulting importance in supporting literacy in this area so that the education system as a whole (primary and secondary schools and universities) can be guided to make full use of the opportunities ICT can provide. ICTs are able to help improve overall comprehension, evaluate general perspectives and raise awareness of the value of cooperation and, as a result, the essential quality of individuals and their contributions. These contributions are far-reaching and strategic. The benefits of applying ICT in reading and writing are also felt in oral expression and can result in education based more on dialogue which, in turn, leads to social change.

    Roig Vila, Rosabel Mengual Andrés, Santiago 2014 New Literacy for Reading Using ICT Journal of Educational, Cultural and Psychological Studies 10 431 442

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