Low-energy anti-neutrinos from the Sun

Low-energy anti-neutrinos from the Sun

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Low-energy anti-neutrinos from the Sun

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Pastor Carpi, Sergio; Semikoz, Victor B.; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We consider the sensitivity of future neutrino experiments in the low energy region, such as BOREXINO or HELLAZ, to a solar electron antineutrino signal. We show that, if neutrino conversions within the Sun result in partial polarization of initial solar neutrino fluxes, then a new opportunity arises to observe the electron antineutrinos and thus to probe the Majorana nature of the neutrinos. This is achieved by comparing the slopes of the energy dependence of the differential neutrino electron scattering cross section for different neutrino conversion scenarios. We also show how the \nu_e -> \bar{\nu}_e conversions may take place for low energy solar neutrinos while being unobservable at the Kamiokande and Super-Kamiokande experiments.

    Pastor Carpi, Sergio Semikoz, Victor B. Furtado Valle, José Wagner 1998 Low-energy anti-neutrinos from the Sun Physics Letters B 423 1-2 118 125

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