Phenomenology of supersymmetry with broken R-parity

Phenomenology of supersymmetry with broken R-parity

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Phenomenology of supersymmetry with broken R-parity

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Ellis, John; Gelmini, Graciela; Jarlskog, Cecilia; Ross, Graham G.; Furtado Valle, José Wagner
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In some phenomenological supersymmetric models R-parity (+1 for particles, -1 for sparticles) is spontaneously broken along with tau-lepton number Lτ by a vacuum expectation value υτ of the tau sneutrino ντ. To avoid excess stellar energy loss through majorons, there should also be explicit Lτ violation through right-handed neutrinos. To have a sufficiently light ντ, either υτ is very small which is unnatural and boring, and/or the Higgs mixing parameter ɛ is very small. We find that in the limit ɛ --> 0: -both the forward-backward asymmetry in e+e- --> τ+τ- and the τ lifetime are unchanged, -Z0 --> g~gν⊥ decays are possible where ντ is an extra neutrino, -squarks and gluinos may decay into τ or ντ, -the photino γ~g can decay into ν⊥ff¯ with a detectable secondary vertex, -single production of (R-odd) sparticles may occur.
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