K-bar NN system with chiral dynamics

K-bar NN system with chiral dynamics

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K-bar NN system with chiral dynamics

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Bayar, Melahat; Yamagata-Sekihara, Junko; Oset Báguena, Eulogio
This document is a artículoDate2011

We have performed a calculation of the scattering amplitude for the three body system K¯NN assuming K¯ scattering against a NN cluster, using the Fixed Center approximation to the Faddeev equations. The K¯N amplitudes, which we take from chiral unitary dynamics, govern the reaction and we find a K¯NN amplitude that peaks around 40 MeV below the K¯NN threshold, with a width in |T|2 of the order of 50 MeV for spin 0 and has another peak around 27 MeV with similar width for spin 1. The results are in line with those obtained using different methods but implementing chiral dynamics. The simplicity of the approach allows one to see the important ingredients responsible for the results. In particular we show the effects from the reduction of the size of the NN cluster due to the interaction with the K¯ and those from the explicit considiration of the πΣN channel in the three body equations.
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