NDK, (K)over-barDN, and ND(K)over-bar molecules

NDK, (K)over-barDN, and ND(K)over-bar molecules

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NDK, (K)over-barDN, and ND(K)over-bar molecules

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Xiao, Chu Wen; Bayar, Melahat; Oset Báguena, Eulogio
This document is a artículoDate2011

We investigate theoretically baryon systems made of three hadrons which contain one nucleon and one D meson, and in addition another meson, D¯,K or K¯. The systems are studied using the Fixed Center Approximation to the Faddeev equations. The study is made assuming scattering of a K or a K¯ on a DN cluster, which is known to generate the Λc(2595), or the scattering of a nucleon on the DD¯ cluster, which has been shown to generate a hidden charm resonance named X(3700). We also investigate the configuration of scattering of N on the KD cluster, which is known to generate the D∗s0(2317). In all cases we find bound states, with the NDK system, of exotic nature, more bound than the K¯DN.
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