Radiative return at e+e- factories

Radiative return at e+e- factories

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Radiative return at e+e- factories

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Czyz, Henryk; Kühn, Johann H.; Rodrigo García, Germán Vicente
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The energy dependence of the electron - positron hadronic cross section can be measured not only by a straightforward energy scan, but also by means of the radiative return method. To provide extensive comparisons between theory and experiment a Monte Carlo event generator is an indispensable tool. We have developed such a generator called PHOKHARA, which simulates e+e- -> mesons + photon(s) processes. In this paper we present its latest tests and upgrades.

    Czyz, Henryk Kühn, Johann H. Rodrigo García, Germán Vicente 2003 Radiative return at e+e- factories Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 116 249 253

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