Bottomonia hadroproduction

Bottomonia hadroproduction

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Bottomonia hadroproduction

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Doménech Garret, Juan Luis; Sanchis Lozano, Miguel Ángel
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We analyze Tevatron data of bottomonium hadroproduction in the framework of the colour-octet model (COM) implemented in the event generator PYTHIA using CTEQ4L PDF taking into account initial-state radiation of gluons and Altarelli-Parisi evolution of final-state gluons. We obtain new values for the colour-octet matrix elements relevant to this production process for the Upsilon(nS) family (n=1,2,3), finding that the ^1S_0^{(8)}+^3P_J^{(8)} contributions are not needed in the fit. We show the different contributions to Upsilon(1S) production at Tevatron for p_T>8 GeV, comparing them with CDF data. Finally we extrapolate to LHC energies to predict Upsilon(nS) production rates.
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