J/psi production at the LHC

J/psi production at the LHC

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J/psi production at the LHC

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Cano-Coloma Varo, Beatriz; Sanchis Lozano, Miguel Ángel
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We firstly re-examine hadroproduction of prompt J/psi's at the Fermilab Tevatron finding that those colour-octet matrix elements presented in literature are systematically overestimated due to the overlooking of the effective primordial transverse momentum of partons (i.e. dynamically generated via initial-state radiation). We estimate the size of these effects using different parton distribution functions in a Monte Carlo framework. Finally, we extrapolate up to LHC energies making a prediction on the expected pt differential cross-section for charmonium.

    Cano-Coloma Varo, Beatriz Sanchis Lozano, Miguel Ángel 1997 J/psi production at the LHC Physics Letters B 406 232 236

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