On-line assessment of comprehension processes

On-line assessment of comprehension processes

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On-line assessment of comprehension processes

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Martínez Giménez, Tomás; Vidal-Abarca Gámez, Eduardo; Gil Pelluch, Laura; Gilabert Perez, Ramiro
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In this paper we describe a new version of a former paper-and-pencil standardized comprehension test called Test of Comprehension Processes (Vidal-Abarca, Gilabert, Martínez, & Sellés, 2007). The new version has been adapted to a computer-based environment based on the moving window technique. It can be used to assess comprehension strategies of students from fifth to tenth grades (11 to 16 years old). Comprehension strategies are registered on-line using reading times and visits to relevant sections of the text during the question-answering process. Data show that the computerbased version draws similar results to those provided by the paper-and-pencil version. In addition, we identify the particular strategies deployed during the question-answering process by high, medium and low comprehenders.

    Martínez, Tomás; Vidal-Abarca, Eduardo; Gil, Laura; Gilabert, Ramiro. On-line Assessment of Comprehension Processes. The Spanish Journal of Psychology 2009, Vol. 12, No. 1, 308-319

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