Heavy meson interquark potential

Heavy meson interquark potential

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Heavy meson interquark potential

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González Marhuenda, Pedro; Mathieu, Vincent; Vento Torres, Vicente
This document is a artículoDate2011

The resolution of Dyson-Schwinger equations leads to the freezing of the QCD running coupling (effective charge) in the infrared, which is best understood as a dynamical generation of a gluon mass function, giving rise to a momentum dependence which is free from infrared divergences. We calculate the interquark potential for heavy mesons by assuming that it is given by a massive One Gluon Exchange potential and compare with phenomenologyical fits inspired by lattice QCD. We apply these potential forms to the description of quarkonia and conclude that, even though some aspects of the confinement mechanism are absent in the Dyson Schwinger formalism, the results for the spectrum are surprisingly accurate. We discuss explanations for this outcome.
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