Isospin mixing in the N = Z nucleus Ge-64

Isospin mixing in the N = Z nucleus Ge-64

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Isospin mixing in the N = Z nucleus Ge-64

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Farnea, E.; De Angelis, G.; Gadea Raga, Andrés; Bizzeti, P.G.; Dewald, A.; Algora, Alejandro; Gelletly, W.; Martínez Pérez, Trinitario; Rubio Barroso, Berta; Taín Enríquez, José Luis; Ur, Calin A.
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The N=Z nucleus 64Ge has been investigated in two experiments using the EUROBALL III and EUROBALL IV spectrometers coupled to ancillary devices. Multipole mixing ratios, linear polarization and picosecond lifetimes for various transitions have been measured. The linear polarization results determine unambiguously the multipole character of the 5--->4+ 1665 keV transition, allowing to extract the electric dipole strength and to investigate for the first time the amount of isospin mixing implied by the presence of a forbidden E1 transition.

    Farnea, E. De Angelis, G. Gadea Raga, Andrés Bizzeti, P.G. Dewald, A. Algora, Alejandro Gelletly, W. Martínez Pérez, Trinitario Rubio Barroso, Berta Taín Enríquez, José Luis Ur, Calin A. 2003 Isospin mixing in the N = Z nucleus Ge-64 Physics Letters B 551 1-2 56 62

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