Kaon Decays in the Standard Model

Kaon Decays in the Standard Model

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Kaon Decays in the Standard Model

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Cirigliano, Vincenzo; Ecker, Gerhard; Neufeld, Helmut; Pich Zardoya, Antonio Perfil; Portolés Ibáñez, Jorge
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A comprehensive overview of kaon decays is presented. The Standard Model predictions are discussed in detail, covering both the underlying short-distance electroweak dynamics and the important interplay of QCD at long distances. Chiral perturbation theory provides a universal framework for treating leptonic, semileptonic and nonleptonic decays including rare and radiative modes. All allowed decay modes with branching ratios of at least 10^(-11) are analyzed. Some decays with even smaller rates are also included. Decays that are strictly forbidden in the Standard Model are not considered in this review. The present experimental status and the prospects for future improvements are reviewed.

    Cirigliano, Vincenzo Ecker, Gerhard Neufeld, Helmut Pich Zardoya, Antonio Portolés Ibáñez, Jorge 2012 Kaon Decays in the Standard Model Reviews of Modern Physics 84 1 399 447

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