Hadron structure in tau -> KK pi nu(tau) decays

Hadron structure in tau -> KK pi nu(tau) decays

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Hadron structure in tau -> KK pi nu(tau) decays

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Gómez Dumm, Daniel; Roig Garcés, Pablo; Pich Zardoya, Antonio Perfil; Portolés Ibáñez, Jorge
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We analyse the hadronization structure of both vector and axial-vector currents leading to tau -> KKpi nu_tau decays. At leading order in the 1/Nc expansion, and considering only the contribution of the lightest resonances, we work out, within the framework of the resonance chiral Lagrangian, the structure of the local vertices involved in those processes. The couplings in the resonance theory are constrained by imposing the asymptotic behaviour of vector and axial-vector spectral functions ruled by QCD. In this way we predict the hadron spectra and conclude that, contrarily to previous assertions, the vector contribution dominates by far over the axial-vector one in all KKpi charge channels.

    Gómez Dumm, Daniel Roig Garcés, Pablo Pich Zardoya, Antonio Portolés Ibáñez, Jorge 2010 Hadron structure in tau -> KK pi nu(tau) decays Physical Review D 81 3 034031

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