P-odd observables at the upsilon peak

P-odd observables at the upsilon peak

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P-odd observables at the upsilon peak

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Bernabeu Alberola, José Perfil; Botella Olcina, Francisco J. Perfil; Vives García, Óscar
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We study the gamma-Z interference In the process e(+)e(-) -> Y --> tau(+)tau(-) as a means to measure the neutral current coupling of the b-quark. The helicity amplitudes are calculated from resonant and background diagrams and the spin density matrix of the final state is discussed. The spin analyzer of the tau's is illustrated with the decays pi nu and rho nu --> (pi pi)nu. With 10(8)Y a sensitivity to g(V)(b) of a few per cent could be reachable.

    Bernabeu Alberola, José; Botella Olcina, Francisco J.; Vives García, Óscar (1999) P-odd observables at the upsilon peak European Physical Journal C 7 2 205 215

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