Radiative neutrino mass in 3-3-1 scheme

Radiative neutrino mass in 3-3-1 scheme

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Radiative neutrino mass in 3-3-1 scheme

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Boucenna, Mohamed Sofiane; Morisi, S.; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We propose a new radiative mechanism for neutrino mass generation based on the SU(3)(c) circle times SU(3)(L) circle times U(1)(X) electroweak gauge group. Lepton number is a symmetry of the Yukawa sector which is spontaneously broken in the gauge sector. As a result light Majorana masses arise from neutral gauge boson exchanges at the one-loop level. In addition to the isosinglet neutrinos that may be produced at the LHC through the extended gauge boson portals, the model contains new quarks which can also lie at the TeV scale, and which can provide a plethora of accessible collider phenomena.

    Boucenna, Mohamed Sofiane Morisi, S. Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2014 Radiative neutrino mass in 3-3-1 scheme Physical Review D 90 1 013005

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