Magnetic moments of heavy baryons

Magnetic moments of heavy baryons

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Magnetic moments of heavy baryons

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Giménez Gómez, Vicente; Bañuls Polo, María Carmen; Scimemi, Ignazio; Bernabeu Alberola, José Perfil; Pich Zardoya, Antonio Perfil
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The first nontrivial chiral corrections to the magnetic moments of tripler (T) and sextet S-(*)) heavy baryons an calculated using heavy hadron chiral perturbation theory. Since magnetic moments of the T hadrons vanish in the limit of infinite heavy quark mass (m(Q)-->infinity), these corrections occur at order O(1/(m(Q)Lambda(x)(2))) for T baryons, while for S-(*) baryons they are of order (O(1/Lambda(x)(2)). The renormalization of the chiral loops is discussed, and relations among the magnetic moments of different hadrons are provided. Previous results for T baryons are revised.

    Giménez Gómez, Vicente 2000 Magnetic moments of heavy baryons Physical Review D 61 7 074007-1 074007-6

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