Present and future bounds on nonstandard neutrino interactions

Present and future bounds on nonstandard neutrino interactions

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Present and future bounds on nonstandard neutrino interactions

Show simple item record Santamaria, Arcadi Peña Garay, Carlos Davidson, Sacha Rius Dionis, Nuria 2014-08-06T08:13:36Z 2014-08-06T08:13:36Z 2003
dc.description.abstract We consider Non-Standard neutrino Interactions (NSI), described by four-fermion operators of the form ((nu) over bar (alpha)gammanu(beta)) ((f) over bar gammaf), where f is an electron or first generation quark. We assume these operators are generated at dimension greater than or equal to 8, so the related vertices involving charged leptons, obtained by an SU(2) transformation nu(delta)-->e(delta), do not appear at tree level. These related vertices necessarily arise at one loop, via W exchange. We catalogue current constraints from sin(2)theta(W) measurements in neutrino scattering, from atmospheric neutrino observations, from LEP, and from bounds on the related charged lepton operators. We estimate future bounds from comparing KamLAND and solar neutrino data, and from measuring sin(2)theta(w) at the near detector of a neutrino factory. Operators constructed with nu(mu) and nu(e) should not confuse the determination of oscillation parameters at a nufactory, because the processes we consider are more sensitive than oscillations at the far detector. For operators involving nu(tau), we estimate similar sensitivities at the near and far detector.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartof Journal of High Energy Physics, 2003, vol. 0303, p. 011
dc.source Santamaria Luna, Arcadi; Peña Garay, Carlos (2003) PRESENT AND FUTURE BOUNDS ON NONSTANDARD NEUTRINO INTERACTIONS Journal of High Energy Physics 0303 011
dc.subject Partícules (Física nuclear)
dc.subject Cosmologia
dc.title Present and future bounds on nonstandard neutrino interactions
dc.type journal article es_ES 2014-08-06T08:13:36Z
dc.identifier.idgrec 004846
dc.rights.accessRights open access es_ES

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