Low-scale seesaw models versus N-eff

Low-scale seesaw models versus N-eff

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Low-scale seesaw models versus N-eff

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Hernández Gamazo, Pilar; Kekic, Marija; López Pavón, Jacobo
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We consider the contribution of the extra sterile states in generic low-scale seesaw models to extra radiation, parametrized by N-eff. We find that the value of Neff is roughly independent of the seesaw scale within a wide range. We explore the full parameter space in the case of two extra sterile states and find that these models are strongly constrained by cosmological data for any value of the seesaw scale below O(100 MeV).

    Hernández Gamazo, Pilar Kekic, Marija López Pavón, Jacobo 2014 Low-scale seesaw models versus N-eff Physical Review D 89 7 073009

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