Weyl Invariance and Black Hole Evaporation

Weyl Invariance and Black Hole Evaporation

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Weyl Invariance and Black Hole Evaporation

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Navarro Salas, José; Navarro Navarro, Miguel; Talavera Usano, César Félix
This document is a artículoDate1995

Este documento está disponible también en : 10.1016/0370-2693(95)00848-F

We consider the semiclassical dynamics of CGHS black holes with a Weyl-invariant effective action for conformal matter. The trace anomaly of Polyakov effective action is converted into the Virasoro anomaly thus leading to the same flux of Hawking radiation. The covariance of semiclassical equations can be restored through a non-local redefinition of the metric-dilaton fields. The resulting theory turns out to be equivalent to the RST model. This provides a mechanism to solve semiclassical equations of 2D dilaton gravity coupled to conformal matter for classically soluble models.
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