Tunable coupled surface acoustic cavities

Tunable coupled surface acoustic cavities

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Tunable coupled surface acoustic cavities

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Morais de Lima, Mauricio, Jr.; Santos, P.V.; Kosevich, Yu. A.; Cantarero Sáez, Andrés
This document is a artículoDate2012

Este documento está disponible también en : 10.1063/1.4730398

We demonstrate the electric tuning of the acoustic field in acoustic microcavities(MCs) defined by a periodic arrangement of metal stripes within a surface acoustic delay line on LiNbO3 substrate. Interferometric measurements show the enhancement of the acoustic field distribution within a single MC, the presence of a"bonding" and"anti-bonding" modes for two strongly coupled MCs, as well as the positive dispersion of the"mini-bands" formed by five coupled MCs. The frequency and amplitude of the resonances can be controlled by the potential applied to the metal stripes.
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