Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012 : Urban areas

Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012 : Urban areas

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Traffic Safety Basic Facts 2012 : Urban areas

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Pace, Jean-François; Tormo, María Teresa Perfil; Sanmartín, Jaime Perfil; Yannis, George; Evgenikos, Petros; Papantoniou, Panagiotis; Broughton, Jeremy; Candappa, Nimmi; Christoph, Michiel; van Duijvenvoorde, Kirsten; Vis, Martijn; Haddak, Mohamed Mouloud; Pascal, Léa; Lefèvre, Marie; Amoros, Emmanuelle; Thomas, Pete; Kirk, Alan; Brown, Laurie; Brandstaetter, Christian
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    Pace, J-F., Tormo, M., Sanmartín, J., Yannis, G., Evgenikos, P., Papantoniou, P., Broughton, J., Candappa, N., Christoph, M., van Duijvenvoorde, K., Vis, M., Haddak, M., Pascal, L., Lefèvre, M., Amoros, E., Thomas, P., Kirk, A., Brown, L., Brandstaetter, C. (2012) Basic Fact Sheet "Urban areas", Deliverable D3.9 of the EC FP7 project DaCoTA.

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