Prácticas alimentarias en la Edad del Hierro en Cataluña

Prácticas alimentarias en la Edad del Hierro en Cataluña

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Prácticas alimentarias en la Edad del Hierro en Cataluña

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Buxó i Capdevila, Ramón; Principal Ponce, Jordi; Alonso, Natalia; Belarte Franco, Maria Carme; Colominas, Lídia; López Reyes, Daniel; Rovira Hortalà, Maria Carme; Saña, Maria; Valenzuela Lamas, Silvia
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The aim of this paper is to provide a state of the research on the eating habits concerning the Iron Age populations of Catalonia, with particular attention to the Iberian period, under the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya project “Eating and Drinking in the periphery of the Graeco-Roman world: cultural and food habits of the northern Iberian (6th-2nd cent. BCE)”. The main goal of this project is the study of food habits in the Catalan Iberian world from a global and interdisciplinary approach that considers all aspects of the food phenomenon (technical, instrumental, social, cognitive) as an expression of a specific cultural reality.

    Buxó i Capdevila, Ramón ; Principal Ponce, Jordi ; Alonso, Natalia ; Belarte Franco, Maria Carme ; Colominas, Lídia ; López Reyes, Daniel ; Rovira Hortalà, Maria Carme ; Saña, Maria ; Valenzuela Lamas, Sílvia. PRÁCTICAS ALIMENTARIAS EN LA EDAD DEL HIERRO EN CATALUÑA. SAGVNTVM Extra; Vol 9 (2010): DE LA CUINA A LA TAULA; 81-98.

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